Prince Kaybee Under Fire For Mourning His Dad

Isn't it time we give him a break?

By  | Jan 06, 2022, 01:08 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Not too long ago Prince Kaybee took to his social media to finally share a picture of his son that had sans all over Mzansi gushing over how cute and cuddly he was. And while it has not been that long since he and Zola welcomed their new bundle of joy, Kaybee’s tweet did come as one pleasant surprise.

This is just the confirmation we needed of him enjoying his fatherhood journey. What we did not expect however, was when the artist took to his Twitter to apologise to his late father for having thought that he was absent in his life by choice.

He continued to add that his father was an amazing man who ensured that his family was taken care of as a hard worker.

Taking to his comment section, tweeps have gone ahead to ask him why he feels the need to apologize to his father now to which he responded saying that now that he himself is a father, he fully understands what his dad must have been going through.

Others have also taken to echoing Kaybee’s sentiments saying that some things one can only understand until they experience them on their own. For others, well, they have decided to use this as yet another opportunity to throw shade at Prince Kaybee.

While some believe that this is too sensitive of an issue to be shared on social media, others have gone ahead to speculate that the reason for Kaybee apologising to his dad is because he is going to do the same thing to his newborn son.

According to them, Kaybee is just putting it out there for when he becomes a deadbeat dad which is unfortunately such a hurtful thing to say. What do you think?

This is not the first time Kaybee is being put under fire. So many times, it has always been about dragging him for his music, but to bring his father and his newborn son into the whole mess, fans feel is completely out of line. 

They have gone on to say that guys should just stop being judgmental like they are perfect and should let Kaybee be his own man. Kaybee had not too long ago mentioned that 2021 had not exactly been a good year for him and that he hoped things would change with the new year.

Surely, with all the hate that has been going around about him, isn’t it time we give his life a little break?

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