Prince Kaybee Opens Up About Being Cancelled

Has he been judged too harshly?

By  | Dec 28, 2021, 10:22 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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These past few months have seen Prince Kaybee being put under a lot of public scrutiny for his music and relevance in the industry. The deejay has been cancelled more than once and many have been left to wonder whether or not they should expect any music from him in 2022.

Just recently, Kaybee took to his Twitter in what seems to be a response to all the hate that has been making rounds about him on social media. In his tweet, Kaybee asks his fans and tweeps to help him understand how they judge if an artist has fallen off or not.

Taking to his comment section, you can already imagine how tweeps have shown up in numbers to respond to his question, and clearly it seems, it might be time for Kaybee to throw in the towel.

According to tweeps, they seem to believe that Kaybee should have an answer to his question seeing that he has already fallen off the music industry. They have also gone ahead to tell him that fans will always know when an artist is no longer relevant in the industry, and that that is just how it is.

For Kaybee, for an artist to be judged as having fallen off the industry, they have to have taken a long time before releasing a hit song according to the public.

And while it is not clear whether the artist meant to say that he has been judged too harshly, there is no denying that tweeps think it is time Kaybee focused on something else altogether.

All in all, despite what everything has kept saying about Kaybee and his music, it is good to see that his fans continue showing up for him and have chosen to stay loyal no matter what others think and say about him.

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That aside however, despite the many times cancel culture has come for the artist, fans are happy to see that at least one thing seems to be going well for Kaybee. 

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