Tweeps drag Rachel Kolisi for being 'insecure'

Mrs Kolisi is back in the news again

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Rachel Kolisi  | Drama

Rachel Kolisi

Just to jog your memory a bit, in June, Rachel Kolisi - wife to national Rugby player - Siya Kolisi garnered a lot of attention from the public after she sent out a series of tweets, requesting for other women to respect her marriage.

The series of tweets stemmed from a Twitter user who posted that Rachel's husband was a type, her request also stemmed from watching a local reality show where she saw one woman encouraging her friend to hook up with Siya Kolisi.

Both remarks did not settle well with Mrs Kolisi which lead to her statement about the importance of respecting people's marriage.

Fast forward to September and Mrs Kolisi's name has resurfaced again but not because of her own doing but the doings of other people.

Rachel trended on social media this week after a social media influencer by the name of Zuki Lamani posted a series of Instagram posts where she's seen at a photo-shoot alongside the rugby player. In the videos, the influencer is seen being somewhat flirtatious with the rugby player and calling him "baby."

Apparently, Rachel was tagged in the post which lead her to comment with a cup and straw emoji.


According to social media users, the emoji is interpreted to mean 'thirsty' a slang meaning desperate for attention or becoming attracted to someone.

A debate then ensued about whether Rachel should've commented on the post. The debate resulted in her getting labelled as an insecure wife while the rest of social media came to her defence.

While others advised Mrs Kolisi to just keep it moving and forget about all this unnecessary drama that occurs on these Twitter streets.

Main Image credit: Instagram/@Rachel_Kolisi