Rami Chuene Dragged For Shauwn Mkhize Comments.

Was she just a hype man, or did see deliberately leave her bestie hanging?

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 04:13 PM  | Rami Chuene  | Drama

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Rami Chuene is currently trending as the law of Twitter deliberates whether her comments to Shauwn Mkhize breaking lockdown regulations were innocent , or she did so to expose her friend.

The former The Queen lead actress, is initially accused of doing too much! Tweeps have screenshot Rami’s first tweet where the personality sounds desperate to be invite to the party that Shauwn Mkhize was going to. 

The accusation of doing too much is from tweeps that think that her comments thirsty and Rami was attempting to remind everyone that Shauwn is one of her closest friends…Ouch! 

The second accusation is that Rami exposed Shauwn Mkhize’s nightly excursion on purpose with her comments asking if she really did attend the party from the night before. Many have labelled the comment as “damage control” so that she is not implicated if Shauwn lands into trouble.  

TGOM has kept it moving on Twitter by not addressing the matter, and keeping the same outspoken Twitter persona, about others matter, other than the elephant in the room.

Image credit: Instagram @ramichuene
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