Master KG Takes 'Relationship' To The Next Level

Is he ready to put a ring on it?

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 12:40 PM  | Master KG  | Relationships

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Master KG is set on taking things to the next level with his rumoured girlfriend Makhadzi. The Jerusalema hitmaker shared an image of him and his "bae" Makhadzi at his home with his mother. Could this mean he has better intentions with Makhadzi?

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Master KG has been labelled an opportunist by Makhadzi fans who reckon he is back only because her career is flourishing. Master KG is supposedly not as BIG as he was when Jerusalema came out. His song did some incredible numbers on streaming platforms that he instantly became a household name. But this slowly died down as the months went by.

To say he is not relevant would be a bit of a stretch because he is still doing very good numbers. But when you look at Makhadzi, the girl is doing the things that need to be done. Her star power is growing across Africa, and will hopefully reach international markets in the near future. 

The girl is definitely winning, and all of this started unfolding when she and Master KG had separated. But now that they are back together, some people are not fully in support of this.

It all started when Master KG referred to her as his wife twice; Master KG told one of Makhadzi's back up dancers, Limpopo Boy, to beware and not kick his 'wife' out of the plane when they engaged in a challenge called the "get out of my f***n car."

In another instance, Master KG called her his wife and kissed her on stage during their performance.

Now, Master KG has seemingly taken her home. The South African shared an image of the three of them together looking all cosy.
Master KG with his mother and Makhadzi Image credit: The South African

Master KG has been labelled all sorts of nasty names but he fought back and maintained that he is not an opportunist, neither is he back to use Makhadzi. Despite what many people might say, he is convinced that nobody in SA does better numbers than him.

Even that song he did with Akon and David Guetta, reached bigger numbers than any song in SA, according to him.

"I think Master KG is an opportunist, he first dumped Makhadzi so he can travel the world alone, now that Makhadzi is making it his back even calling her his wife," said the troll who got a response from Master KG, saying he was reaching.

“I was shocked when KG was going to Makhadzi gigs to ‘support her’. Makhadzi is more popular now. Gets more bookings. Has more followers on FB. That was an attempt by KG to revive his waning career. shine your light with Akon flopped. Money giveaways on twitter didn’t help,” said another one. This comment bothered him, who clapped back hard.

“You don't know sh** my guy only if you knew how much money I get/got you wouldn’t be talking this sh**..and that song that you say flopped there's no song in SA in 2021 that can match its streaming numbers…y'all should stop this sh** now.”

When Makhadzi announced her break up with the Limpopo hitmaker, she said they had agreed to just be brother and sister. She also was regretful that people knew about them because she only wants to be known for her music.

"The only thing I also want and I wish could happen just that it didn't  happen the way I wanted, I only want people to know Makhazi for her performances and music besides my personal issues but because people already knew about my relationship  there was nothing I can do but my wish is for them to know about my music only," she told us.

The two of them were photographed along with fellow musician, Zanda Zakuza, and they seem to be working on new music. Speaking to us about their work relationship, Makhadzi said they understand each other.

"It's always a good thing to work with him because when me and him collaborate it's all about talent. He has his own talent and I have mine and we understand each other and everything we touch becomes a hit, and he's the only producer whom I feel like we understand each other."

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