Rasta Trolled For Zodwa's Painting

Rasta managed to paint many people at once.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Rasta  | Drama

Rasta might be hailed as the painter who does not seem to get it right, but he does get the love and support from people.

Whenever the artist trends, social media already knows what to expect. He recently made a painting of socialite Zodwa Wabantu and this time, social media was left confused as to who exactly was he trying to paint.

The painting of Zodwa Wabantu had people questioning whether it was Zozibini Tunzi. Others squinted and saw that it is actually a painting of Siya Kolisi, others thought of random soccer players.

Whoever it is, they all agreed in unison that it is not Zodwa Wabantu.

Sunday Twitter had a field day with Rasta, amidst the growing concern of the Coronavirus outbreak that is continuously rising in the country.

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Picture credit: Twitter