[Watch] Rasta Receives Backlash For Thandeka's Mdeliswa's Portrait!

Did he paint himself this time around?

By  | Sep 13, 2020, 01:52 PM  | Rasta  | Drama

Rasta has done it again and this time around he failed dismally and seemingly painted himself. The notorious painter who is known for his controversial portraits of celebs who have passed on, has left tweeps rolling on the floor with laughter again.

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Hot on heels from receiving backlash for his Chadwick Boseman's portrait Rasta  has decided to not let another opportunity of painting a famous ZAleb slide. The painter recently painted a portrait of Television actress Thandeka Mdeliswa but many have been criticizing it.

The starlet was shot after an argument between her brother and 2 other men at her Mpumalanga family home in Evander last week. Thandeka was then was rushed to Evander Hospital to receive medical attention where she was stabilized, but later airlifted to Withbank Steve Biko Academic Hospital. The actress was said to be in a stable but critical condition. Then on Saturday 05 September, she succumbed to a gunshot wound.

The incident has since shook many people across the country and has been described as another gruesome incident of Gender Based Violence.

Rasta's portrait of the actress has many believing that he painted himself. The notorious painter has been trending on Twitter with some saying he must stop it. and find something else to do.
Recently Black Coffee shaded Rasta on social media, after he shared a meme which left many rolling on the floor with laughter. The meme was of a person who is inside a coffin. The person wakes up to check who is crying at his funeral and the DJ said he will wake up to check if Rasta painted him correctly at his funeral.

Rasta recently painted apartheid struggle stalwart, Tata Andrew Mlangeni, one of the last surviving members of the Rivonia trialists, and his painting had many praising him. It is safe to say now that he has his own days where he delivers and flop

The painter revealed that he was planning on opening an academy, where he would teach painting. Rasta spoke to Tshisa Live where he divulged his plans for his school and said.

"I decided that now is the time to do this academy. You have to talk about it and take a chance. I have been meeting with people and I am still looking for sponsorships."
Image Credit: EWN