Sammy Sosa roasted over "useless" girls tweet

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Sammy Sosa  | Drama

The Twitter roast of the week will probably go to DJ Sammy Sosa, whose "useless" girls tweet caused a stir on the social media network. 

The TV presenter decided that Twitter would be a great place to share her opinion about the incorrect use of hashtags.

She tweeted on Monday evening: “Some girls are actually super useless. Wow! Like that #BlackGirlsRock thing that trended over the weekend was just abused.”

Some Tweeps felt Sammy was calling black girls stupid for not understanding the “Black Girls Rock” movement, while others were just insulted that she dared call girls useless!

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But if you think Sammy regrets having an opinion, think again! The TV and radio personality did not take all the hateful comments lying down.

Image credit: instagram/sam_lehoko