Samthing Soweto's Fans Condemn Hurtful "Weight Loss" Comments

The musician is being body shamed online

By  | May 20, 2022, 01:57 PM  | Samthing Soweto  | Drama

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Award-winning singer and music producer Samthing Soweto, has been in the music industry for over a decade now. Sam began his music career in high school, and was a member of the acapella group The Soil, before it rose to fame.

The musician captured many hearts people when he was featured on Akanamali by Sun EL Musician. The hit song catapulted him into superstardom and he did not look back. He went on to release his own songs such as Ama DM, and Akulaleki

In 2020, Samthing Soweto scored 9 nominations for the South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2020 and he bagged the Best Afro-Pop Album award for his debut album, Isphithiphithi.

The musician is being body shamed online again and his fans are fuming. It is no secret that body shaming is not a new phenomenon on social media and that it can cause mental issues. Several celebs have been subjected to body shaming, and some do not shy away from clapping back at trolls.

Last night, the singer posted a picture to his Facebook page after getting a haircut and asked for fans to rate his barber’s work. Instead of complimenting him, some fans spewed hurtful comments about his alleged “weight loss.”

But, the musician was not bothered by the major trolling, and some of his fans called out the haters for being insensitive. Portia Matsimela said instead of being supportive to celebs, some people choose to make fun of them online. She condemned the cyberbullying against the singer.

"In a world where u can be anything be nice .Some of the comments here are insensitive and unnecessary udliwa yin, u sick etc. People are going through a lot n stress over different issues affecting their lives tremendously a lot of our south African artist are struggling to even make end meets yet they can't open up because we will always find a way to mock them tomorrow you are shocked so n so hanged themselves. Cyber bullying at its best disguised as innocent fun and jokes... We have truly lost our humanness as people. Its sad," she wrote.

Mimi Norris slammed those who are speculating about his “health concerns.” "I honestly don’t understand how insensitive a human being could be. Asking a person about his health and appearance?? If he wanted to share about what’s happening to him, he was gonna share. Sometimes when you say or type something insensitive directing to another human being ask yourself first “what if that was me and how would I feel?”

Another fan wrote, “You guys are so mean but y'all be the first to post "Depression is real" when these celebrities take their own lives," wrote Sisipho Sipz Tshikila.

Vuyane B-whizz Dynastey has shown love to the musician and prayed that he finds healing if he is going through a lot. "I Hope you are well brother, if you're going through something I hope you conquer it, You're a great artist and a great human, you still got a lot to offer, sending you love and light  you are loved and valued by many brother,"
Samthing Soweto recently left his fans worried about him after a Tik Tok video of him gained traction on social media where he said "I just want to say, life is tough, let's try and take care of each other, as much as we can. It's not easy. Take care of your family, life is really tough, it's really tough."

This was shortly after the death of Riky Rick and fans were worried about his mental health. The singer has been keeping it lowkey. His last album was in 2019 and fans are still waiting for new music from him. Samthing Soweto never disappoints when he releases new music.

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