Sarah Langa Dragged For Wearing Leggings To A Red Carpet Event

"She didn't understand the assignment"

By  | Apr 08, 2022, 08:06 AM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

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Black Twitter is many things but it's definitely not kind. Social media influencer Sarah Langa found herself dragged at the recent Real Housewives of Lagos launch.

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Sarah, along with LaConco were dragged for their outfit choices on the night when the rest of the African continent was looking. Tweeps called her out for wearing a cap and legging to such a big event. She was dressed by the one and only Rich Mnisi.

Check out some of the reactions on social media:

Sarah Langa really rocked di leggings ka kepisi & thought she’s gonna shut down the show? SMH

Even LaC looks better than
Sarah Langa. What is that mess?

Sarah Langa looks cute, but not for this event. Its giving Yeezy vibes. Next door teng I have no words

Sarah Langa recently spoke out about the way society tends to treat divorced women.

Taking to Twitter, Sarah ranted about the distasteful treatment of women who are divorced. Her marriage ex-husband, Jehan Mackay lasted for three years.

Following their slipt, she said publicly: “Divorce is not easy, it feels like losing a best friend, It’s like mourning a best friend’s death to you but also witnessing that same friend’s life through a window without you. The world punishes women for divorces and there’s still so much stigma attached to being a divorcee, you will lose all (of) your married friends, and there’s this constant unwanted pity that follows you everywhere you go."

She called out married women or women in relationships to stop looking down on divorced women.

Married women and women in committed relationships really need to stop treating divorced women like divorce is some super contagious disease. Women will humiliate us, bully us, alienate us and judge us for deciding to try to seek a healthier life in less toxic environments

She adds that they are treated like women of no value and women who are after their husbands.

but instead, y’all want to treat these resourceful women like women of no value and vultures that are after your men. Your man is not even my type and even if he was as a woman who has had recovered from heartbreak and has had to deal with the stress and anxiety of a divorce

She says the last thing she would do is it bring that to another woman.

The saying “Be kind to the people around you because you don’t know what the person next to you is going through” - is just something that people say. People don’t live by it.. nothing is more public than a divorce but watch the people around you be the nothing even close to kind

Luckily for Sarah she has a group of supportive friends who have blinded her to the treatment that most divorced women receive.

I'm very fortunate to have a good group of strong married women that have guided and supported me. It has actually blinded me to the true realities of life after divorce, but the moments I have in new social settings also leave me gobsmacked that this is how we treat each other

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