Rich Mnisi Talks About What Heartbreak Did To Him

This is an interesting strategy

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 08:20 AM  | Rich Mnisi  | Relationships

Image of Rich Mnisi
Rich Mnisi keeps his love life pretty private. But as he revealed recently, it may be for a good reason. 

The fashion designer recently had a moment with his Instagram followers. Like many celebrities often do, he took to his stories and invited fans to ask him anything. 

Fans proceeded to ask many different questions, because Rich is glamorous and we all want to know more about how to be more like him, am I right? However, one question stood apart from the rest. 
One fan asked "How do you stay such a fine babe?" Such a genuine question, whose answer most of us were excited to hear. And Rich shared his secret -- heartbreak. You heard that right. He responded in a video, and I quote "Honestly, heartbreak. Once you leave the circus, you can only elevate." 

Screenshot: Rich Mnisi Instagram Stories

We have often heard that love makes people glow, and that happiness is the best skincare (don't quote us on that, but we're sure we read it somewhere). However, his take is rather unconventional. And considering we don't know much about his romantic life, we can only wonder whether he is okay. Is everything going well for you, Rich? 
He has beautiful, flawless skin, so that must be some intense heartbreak. And does he go out specifically looking to have his heart broken so he can get his skin popping? Is this a strategy we should try? 

Rich recently, after a long public relationship of a confusing nature with rapper Boity Thulo, gave his blessing for her new relationship. The rapper has always celebrated Rich every chance she gets, to the point that many people have long believed they must have had a romantic relationship.

Boity's admirers were even more suspicious when she began referring to the fashion designer as her “husband”, leading many of her fans to question when she married him. However, as time passed, it became evident that she meant it affectionately rather than as a reference to his actual role in her life.
But Mzansi was recently shaken when it appeared that Rich was returning to win back his lady. Fans believed Rich was posing a danger to Boity's happy and steady relationship with actor Anton Jeftha, whom she insists on calling her "bestie," for some reason. 

We all let out a sigh of relief when the fashionista posted a photo of the pair with the remark "I'm pleased for them." The tweet, which was then reshared by Anton, is precisely what Boity's fans were hoping for, since it shows that the two men have no feud and that Rich feels Boity is in good hands with Anton. 
However, it does make us wonder, is this the heartbreak Rich was referring to? We can’t imagine it’s easy hanging out with your “wife” and her “bestie”. But at least it is good for his skin, so all the best, Rich Mnisi. 
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