Sarah Langa trends for being problematic, again

She apparently has a problem with people calling her black.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

Sarah Langa trends for being problematic

If like us, you were left kind of puzzled this morning after realizing that Sarah Langa McKay (nee Heaton) was trending, allow us to update you... 

The Instagram influencer and fashion blogger climbed up the trends list (on a day when SO many other important things are being discussed) because she took offense to someone calling her black. 

Born to a white father and a black mother, Heaton could be considered black depending on your understanding of racial classification. 

Mommy and Daddy❤️

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The furore began when a Twitter user called Sarah out for contradicting herself with her views on the concept of slaying. 

sarah langa tweets about being black

This after she told people to not be afraid to slay...

She then got all angry and defensive when someone called out her inconsistency. 

and continued on some kind of rant...

She then went on to say she falls under the category "other" when another user asked her what racial category her parents ticked on her school application forms.


And as usual, files Twitter was on the case, going back in Sarah's tweet history to find all the times she referred to herself as black:

Hmm...the tweets are a bit contradicting.

sarah langa I'm black

Again... Are you sure Sarah?

Twitter files will always get you into a sticky situation in these streets.

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