Savita Mbuli stands to lose her house... again

The bank has accused Mrs. Mbuli of mismanaging her late husband's estate 

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Savita Mbuli stands to lose her house... again

Five years after her husband's tragic passing, Savita Mbuli is still embroiled in a bitter battle with the bank over late repayments of the bond her late husband took out for their family home. 

According to a report published by the Sowetan, FNB has gone to the South Gauteng High Court yet again and have expressed their wish to repossess her home and auction it off citing her inability to keep up with her bond repayments.

The bank has demanded a payment of more than R410000 to close the bond account - which they allege she has not payed in 9 months - or face losing the house in an auction. 

The bank has also alleged that she previously told them she wouldn't be able to settle the outstanding debts as her husband's estate had not yet payed out. 

Mrs. Mbuli and the court's battle began sometime last year and has seen both parties involved in a back and forth which has seen Mbuli make various promises and payments to the bank. 

FNB has yet to publicly comment on the matter but Mbuli recently contacted Sowetan to state that "FNB's affidavit is misleading and deliberately omitted all information regarding payments made to them."

She went on to add "To me this is yet another episode of the bullying tactics of FNB fraught with factual inaccuracies and contradictions. As I've done before, I will go wrestle it out in court with FNB and as per previous motions brought by FNB. I see this being cancelled."

Read Savita Mbuli's full statement here

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