Chicco Twala defends himself with regards to the Senzo Meyiwa case

His son's name & himself has been mentioned in the case numerous times.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sello "Chicco" Twala  | Drama

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And with many allegations pointing to his son and his own fire-arm, Chicco has come out to defend himself.

On Wednesday afternoon Senzo Meyiwa's father - Samuel Meyiwa mentioned on radio that he may know who killed his son. During the interview, the name Longwe Twala, the son of Chicco Twala was also mentioned in that radio interview.

Throughout the week there have been allegations that it was Chicco Twala's gun that had killed Senzo, there were also media allegations that his firearm was lost at the time Senzo passed on. So after having caught wind of Samuel Meyiwa's interview on Metro FM - Chicco Twala then requested for the opportunity to respond to the gun allegations during a telephonic interview on The Drive with Mo Flava & Masechaba Ndlovu.

In the interview, Chicco made it clear that he was not going to speak on behalf of his son but for himself only.

"He's 33 year's old...I can't, I want to speak about myself.." He said. 

Chicco then went on to clarify that his fire-arm has always been with him.

"My firearm is always with me, I bought this firearm in 1989, it's always in my safe. It wasn't missing, I don't know where this comes from."


Chicco then briefly went on to explain from his side what occurred on the night Senzo was shot.

"I received a call from Kelly, crying to let me know that they shot Senzo, I rushed out of my house, I drove to Vosloorus, I found Kelly, Longwe and another guy, Senzo's childhood friend. Senzo went to go pick up this guy, somewhere, I don't know where. When I got there, Senzo was laying there and I asked what happened, they said  2 guys came in they wanted to rob them whatever, and they shot Senzo. That's the information I got, I don't want to talk on behalf of Longwe, Longwe is an adult maybe you guys should give the opportunity to talk to him. I want to talk about my path." Said Chicco.

Chicco then mentioned that he called authorities to inform them that Senzo had been shot.

Kelly Khumalo x Senzo

He also added that if it was Longwe who had killed Senzo he would've brought him to book.

"If he had killed Senzo, and if it was him and I suspected, I would've pushed for him to go to jail."

In response to the social media allegations about his gun being the fire-arm that killed Senzo, Chicco was adamant in explaining that it was not his gun that killed Senzo. 

"To be honest, if Longwe pulled the trigger, maybe he had pulled the trigger with someone else's gun not my gun because I wasn't there, I can't talk on behalf of Longwe, Kelly or anyone who was there. They must just leave my gun out of this thing. I would have never allowed Longwe or anyone near my gun, no!"


According to Sunday World, Chicco Twala is allegedly looking for the Twitter user who accused him and his son of being responsible for Senzo Meyiwa's death. The musician hired a forensic social media expert to unmask the identity of the parody account.

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