Is Mr Kganyago Trying To Swindle Jacobeth Out Of Her Pension?

Skeem Saam viewers don't trust him

By  | Nov 16, 2022, 11:56 PM  | Sello Maake Ka-Ncube  | Drama

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When Mr Kganyago first appeared at Turf Hospital he won many hearts, including Jacobeth.
Kganyago came across as a nobleman who is employed as a lecturer in Ireland.
He quickly became a hero in Lizzy’s eyes after warning him about the guy who was hospitalized with him and wanted to scam her.
After passing by Lizzy’s house to drop off a gift for her, he met her mother, Jacobeth Thobakgale, and fell for her.
The two started to develop a relationship that quickly evolved. Kganyago ended up moving in with them as he’s been putting pressure on her to take their relationship to the next level.
Kganyago is quickly falling out of favour with Skeem Saam viewers as he’s been acting shady as of late.
Just a week after moving in, he has been putting pressure on Jacobeth to go for early retirement. Although he assured her that he’ll take care of her, the fact that they just started dating and he’s already putting pressure on her to cash out her pension.
Mr Kganyago is played by Sello Maake Ka- Ncube who is probably one of Mzansi's most famous actors and one of the highest paid too.

The veteran actor is known for his roles in some of the country's leading soapies including Generations and Scandal. Who can ever forget Mr Daniel Nyathi on Scandal?

Sello has been in the acting industry for decades and over the years and has achieved so much. His work is not only recognised locally but internationally too. 
Here are some interesting details about Sello and his rise to stardom.

Skeem Saam Viewers Frustrated With Paxton 

Skeem Saam viewers are growing frustrated by the day with a certain Pax Kgomo who came to the fold last season. Viewers feel that he has been getting his way for far too long.
We don’t know if there is a change implemented in the style of writing on Skeem Saam. The educational drama has become like most South African soapies – no innovation or originality.
It appears the writers are taking away the one thing that made viewers gravitate toward the show.
Unlike shows like The River and Uzalo, Skeem Saam gave viewers hope and carried many lessons about life. However, that seems to be changing.
Pax Kgomo has been getting his way ever since joined the drama. 
He was the brains behind the evil plan that left Meneer Magongwa temporarily blind.
But he still managed to get away with it and instead principal Thobakgale took the stick for it and eventually lost her position as headmaster of Turf high.
Now he has stolen Mosebjadi’s short story and has one the short writing competition with work that isn’t his own.
This competition was supposed Mosebjadi’s life and potentially her future and she comes from an extremely poor family.
Instead, Pax has won the R10 000 prize money and is getting all the plaudits,
When will this Pax Kgomo circus end because we are so tired of it. We want our old Skeem Saam back. 
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