Senzo Meyiwa's Brother Comments On 'Hitman's Claims'

They are still searching for answers

By  | Sep 02, 2020, 01:32 PM  | Senzo Meyiwa  | Drama

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The ongoing unsolved murder case of former Bafana Bafana captain and goal keeper, Senzo Meyiwa is taking it's toll on his family. This according to Meyiwa's older brother Sfiso Meyiwa as he spoke to All4Women.

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Kelly Khumlo once again landed on the trends list after reports claimed that an alleged hitman stated that Kelly was responsible for the death of the father of her second born, Thingo Khumalo, who is six years old this year.

These reports state that the hitman was responsible for killing the beloved soccer figure after he was questioned.

Commenting on these claims, Sfiso Meyiwa told All4Women that they never received any news on the matter and they only heard about it when news broke on social media.

"We only became aware of the reports when we saw the papers. No one told us anything.  There is nothing much we can say at this time. We’ll be convinced when the matter is in court," he told the publication.

He further added that his family is devastated by how long it is taking the murder mystery to be solved.

"There have always been reports about progress, but nothing ever happens. Actually, we don’t even like talking about this thing because it brings so much pain," he further added.

The Senzo Meyiwa murder mystery has been a six year ongoing contentious matter that has haunted Kelly’s career and public profile. From the onset Senzo Meyiwa’s death has been a thing of mystery with a house that had Kelly, her sister, Zandie Khumalo, Zandie’s boyfriend at the time, Longwe Twala, and other friends and Kelly’s mother. Ironically, none of the present parties could share what actually happened which caused many to suggest that it was an inside job.

Disputing the mystery hitman's claims, Kelly said "thank you for informing me" then proceeded to end the call.

 A previous interview on her reality show with Massive Metro's DJ Sbu and Tshepi Khanye. she opened up about her late boyfriend and how her "life took a turn for the worst" when he died.

"I don't know what to say, I think what I want to say to you is I would have been better off with you alive than gone," she said.

Battling the tears, she adds "My life took a turn for the worst and I've never really thought that in my existence I would be hated by so many so intensely.

"You know at first I thought maybe if they find the killers I would feel better and maybe my life would change but I realized that even that will not bring him back. That will never allow my daughter to have a father or me to have someone I call family a friend who is there no matter what irrespective of my shortcomings," she said.

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