"Senzo Should Have Been Mourned Like Kobe Bryant!"

It's one of those days on Black Twitter

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Senzo Meyiwa  | Drama

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Senzo Meyiwa is trending after Ntsiki Mazwai questioned why Americans didn't mourn his death the same way South Africans are mourning Kobe Bryant.

Who would have thought that the death of an American sporting icon would have sparked such drama on South African Twitter? Not for the first time in history, Ntsiki Mazwai trended on Twitter for making comments which many believed were insensitive in the wake of Kobe Bryant's shocking death.

In short, Ntsiki questioned why she should hold any respect for an American legend while Americans barely bat an eyelid when South African legends die. While some felt she had a point with regards to the lack of "mourning" in the West after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela died, many others have taken exception to another figure she compared to Kobe: Senzo Meyiwa.
 Sure, Senzo was loved in Mzansi, but a lot of South Africans will probably agree that he was not yet well known beyond the borders of our country/continent. A lot of commenters suggested that it was unfair to compare the two athletes as they were at very different stages (and levels) of their careers. As for Ntsiki Mazwai, many fans were not impressed with the reasoning behind her beliefs that South Africans should not mourn American heroes.

Despite the usual outcry, it's certainly worth pointing out that Ntsiki Mazwai did have her supporters on the timeline during Monday's dramatic showdowns. There were many who agreed with her suggestions and they took to her defence:

Which side of this argument are you taking?

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