Sfiso Ncwane's mom breaks down on air

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Sfiso Ncwane  | Drama

Sfiso Ncwane's mother is very hurt.

Fikile Ncwane, who was interviewed on Vuma FM, shared her pain with the nation. This comes after her son announced on social media that he had bought his pastor an expensive car as a thanksgiving gesture. Speaking on the station recently, Fikile said things are not going well at home. 

While sharing her story, she also broke down and cried. She said it was painful to discover that Sfiso had bought his pastor such an expensive car, while she goes to bed hungry. She said Sfiso used to take care of them, but things changed.  

"I've asked this from him a long time ago... Sfiso has never done this before, it's only recent. I call him all the time and he never takes my calls, I send him messages and he never responds. I can't even speak to him... The last time he came here was in February and we went grocery shopping and he never came back."  

Although it was alleged that she wasn't in her son's life when he was growing up, Fikile dismissed this. "I've never abanded Sfiso, everyone knows that... I took him to my sister when he was three weeks old and I went to work in the farms for his well-being... I've never abandoned any of my children." 

She said she wants to sit down with her son so that they can talk about this. 

The award-winning musician defended himself on Vuma FM on Tuesday morning. He first apologised for offending people with his gift. "But it was my promise to God, that I made when I was not well, when I saw that I wasn't going to make it."  

He said the car was his way of thanking God because he almost lost his life. 

"I'm shocked by other things that I'm seeing in the papers. I support my family, do you understand?" He said he only started making money in 2009 and that's when he started taking care of his family. "There was once a time when life was very tough when I started singing. I was appearing on TV and everywhere but I couldn't even feed myself. I always wanted to take care of those who brought me into the world, and never ask why they were never there in my life while I was growing up."  

He added that he was raised by different people. "I used to live everywhere," he explained. "When I started working I told myself that I would build a home for my mother. That's the first thing I did. I made sure that there's furniture and that she's fed and made sure that I'd be able to transfer money to her wherever I was."  

He said he sees this as a family matter that needs to be sorted out by the elders. "All I can say is that I will leave this to the family to solve. I have carried my family with both hands, there's a lot that I do that I'm supposed to do as a man..." 

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