Mzansi Divided Over Shauwn Mkhize's Good Deed

She donated 3 houses to KZN flood victims

By  | Jun 21, 2022, 09:29 AM  | Shauwn Mkhize  | Drama

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Shauwn Mkhize left the timeline divided when her good Samaritan work helped put shelter on top of three families. The businesswoman and Royal AM owner announced on her Instagram that she and the eThekwini Municipality, handed over the first three houses to the victims of the KwaZulu-Natal floods.

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This initiative was made possible when she partnered with the municipality together with the Zikhulise Group and Royal AM to build these homes. Although the three houses are just the start, she plans on building 17 more houses to achieve her goal of 20 homes.

"Today was a great day! I spent the morning together with eThekwini Municipality in Wyebank to hand over three houses that we, as Zikhulise Group and ROYALAM donated to families that were severely affected by the floods in April," she said.

"While there is more that needs to be done to rebuild KZN, it is important to highlight the progress and celebrate the small wins. Thank you to eThekwini Municipality for the quick implementation of land, water and electricity in response to the flood victims," she thanked.

Twitter made her trend with their mixed reactions. Here are some of the reactions:

"I find it so strange with people criticizing the initiative done by Shawn know by Mamkhize of building few houses. Even your ANC has done nothing but your complaining on how those houses were build. Stop tweeting from a position of privilege and give credit were it due," said @DaGreat_T.

"If Mamkhize built those houses out of her own pocket, who the f*ck are you to complain? When you actually have a government that is "functional" well, clearly because you keep voting for them. Sanundonyanyisa!!!" exclaimed @loveric3000

"Why are we complaining about anything , Mamkhize did a good job , Goverment is failing to build houses thy promised, and then someone use her money to help the community and yall criticize . That house is better than living in a shack ! Hai suka." shouted @Skeem_corner.
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Speaking to City Press after announcing her good initiative, she said, "I am a mother and a family person. More importantly, I am from KwaZulu-Natal and these are my people. I know they are going through a hard time, not having a roof over their heads and not knowing where to go next when they leave the halls."

“All I want to do is lend a helping hand and make a difference where I can. It’s not about me, but about those destitute families. I don’t want to hog the limelight for this. I want to give hope during these challenging times. I am a servant of God and I believe that God has sent me to help them.”

Image credit: Instagram/@kwa_mammkhize
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