Shauwn Addresses Fake Twitter Account

The imposter promised 50k to 5 lucky fans

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Shauwn Mkhize  | Drama

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While Janu-Worry is rearing its ugly head and has most peeps anticipating their month-end salaries and counting their last cents for Seshebo, there's a fake Twitter account doing the rounds and claiming to be giving away a whopping 50K!

The fake account created using astute and flamboyant Businessewoman Shauwn Mkhize's name had Mzansi abuzz as most peeps are breathing through the wound following December's expenses due to splurging their money. 

Who wouldn't want to be 50k monied this Janu-Worry? Well the account promised 50k to 5 lucky #KwaMaMkhize fans who will share their great entrepreneurial ideas. The competition was simple; it just required fans to retweet, follow and comment about what business they aspire to start with 50K. 

The imposter, who pretended to be Shauwn Mkhize, said this is just a token of appreciation for watching the show.

This obviously hyped up everyone and as usual tweeps were hard at work retweeting and commenting, but Shauwn was quick to set the records straight... and that is... the account is fake.

Entertainment commentator and TV host, Phil Mphela came through for the streets:

Tweeps were left heavily disappointed because by the virtue of how the family is living their ultimate best life as seen on their popular reality show, it would not have been far-fetched that they are giving away such a copious amount of money.

The hit reality show #KwaMaMkhize has won the hearts of Mzansi as it gives viewers a front row seat into the opulent lifestyle of the glamorous family.
Shauwn is not the only celebrity to fall victim to a fake account. Just last week, Jessica Nkosi came out guns blazing after a fake Instagram account was soliciting money from her fans. 

We are glad our celebs quickly got to the bottom of these incidents because it's Janu-Worry - a lot could have gone wrong. 

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