Sho Madjozi Is Finding It Difficult To Accept Her Sister's Passing

2019 ended on a sad note for the musician

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Sho Madjozi  | Drama

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Sho Madjozi was having one of the best years of her career in 2019, but had to sadly end the year on a sombre note after her sister's passing.

Makhananï Maganye died in a car accident on December 17 and Sho Madjozi has taken some time off work to grieve.

In a Twitter thread, the musician shared the difficulty she is having accepting the death of her sister. Relaying all her emotions and thoughts, she said she still couldn't believe that her little sister is gone.

Feeling rather powerless, the John Cena hit-maker wrote that she needed to accept what had happened, as she could not do anything about it.

"I don’t know how many times I will have to push this same rock up this same hill. Everyday I think OK I’ve accepted it, then I wake up the next day and it’s like I’m being introduced to the news all over again." She said.

Sho also went on to share some wisdom on how to overcome such challenges, telling people to learn to find happiness in the midst of their hardships.

When Sho finally broke her silence on her sister's passing, she proudly spoke about how she woke up one day a national treasure to young girls. Her funky hairstyles inspired many girls and she expressed her gratitude.

Another tear-jerking moment for the star was when a fan posted a pic of herself rocking the Sho Madjozi-inspired braids and wrote ”you’ve gained a little sister.”

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