Tweeps Question Billboard Magazine Headline On Sho Madjozi Feature

Sho Madjozi says she understands how it can be misinterpreted

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Sho Madjozi  | Drama

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Sho Madjozi was recently featured on Billboard Magazine talking about SA musicians gaining the recognition they deserve.

Ever since releasing her banger 'John Cena', and having performed the hit on the international music platform Colors, she has stapled her name as one of the country's best and is taking over the world, one headline at a time.

Sho's feature on Billboard allowed her to express how the South African culture of music is finally and rightfully gaining the world's attention; as the world now sees SA musicians as equals.

In the article she candidly talks about being a beacon of Africa and how she represents the continent to the world. As African artists continue to cement their artistry on a global scale, Madjozi reckons that seeing big names like Trevor Noah and Black Coffee does a lot for other artists' self-esteem.

"It does a lot to people’s self-esteem, like, ‘Whoa, finally these people see us as equals.’ It makes a lot of Africans proud and happy when they see you getting that recognition," the Swahili-rap queen said.

She continued by saying: "It’s hard to tell people, ‘Be proud of yourself,' if the rest of the world is like, But you ain’t sh*t."

Although fans are super proud of the feature, many are not quiet happy with the wording of the headline.

It reads: "How Sho Madjozi Landed a Viral Hit, Thanks to John Cena" and on social media, Billboard went on to tag the wrestler. 

Sho first mentioned the supposed mistake on twitter. 

Although praising the article, fans criticised the headline; saying it is deceiving and implies that John Cena made the song a hit despite it being a global hit before he even heard or danced to it on Ellen.

Some fans re-phrased the headline to sound correct.

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