Shona Ferguson's actor's tweet causes a lot of drama

Uncle Shona didn't mean for things to get out of hand

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Shona Ferguson  | Drama

Shona Ferguson Jerry Maake The Queen

Shona Ferguson is not only one of the most loved actors in the country but he and wife, Connie are also one of the most respected creatives in the local entertainment industry.

Their Ferguson Films production company has opened up opportunities for a whole lot of actors and behind the scenes creatives

Since the inception of Ferguson Films we've had the pleasure of watching a number of local drama series produced by the company, so whenever we find out that Uncle Sho is working on something new, we get hella excited! So naturally, people got excited when Shona announced that he wanted to write a story for a number of our well-known actors.

The tweet below was supposed to be a simple yet vague idea about what Uncle Sho is up to these days when he's not working on The Queen.

Shona ferguson

The tweet was met with great excitement by some people but on the other hand, a hectic debate occurred in Shona's mentions about the actors he mentioned.

Some people asked that Mr Ferguson remove some of the actors he placed on the list and add calibre of actors whom they think will do a much better job, the likes of Brenda Ngxoli were mentioned a few times.

A call to add Brenda Ngxoli (and others)

Shona tweet 2
Brenda 2

New talent, please

While some were arguing about which actors should be replaced or added to the list, others called for new faces. Remember that #OpenUpTheIndustry chat? Well, it seems like it will never really go away.

New new

And it seems like some people aren't too fond of Thembisa Mdoda being mentioned in this list, which is rather sad as we think she's a good actress and presenter.


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