Flabba's mom: No remorse from Sindisiwe

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Sindisiwe Manqele  | Drama

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Flabba's mother Agatha Habedi believes that Sindisiwe Manqele has shown no remorse for murdering Flabba.

Sindisiwe allegedly stabbed the rapper to death in his home in Alexandra, Johannesburg, in March. 

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Agatha said Sindi's family has shown no morals. "No one from her family has called or visited us. I feel they just don’t care about what my family and I are going through. If my son had killed someone, I would drop everything and find out what happened, then see how we could find a way to move forward." 

According to the paper, Sindisiwe wants to reconcile with the Habedis and ask for forgiveness. 

A source said: "She [Sindisiwe] feels like she’s destroyed the bond she had with Flabba’s family and she’s left with no one but herself for comfort. Everyone has turned their backs on her, so she wants to go and ask Flabba’s family for forgiveness." 

Agatha told Sunday Sun that Sindisiwe can come to her house if she wants to, and added: "But first, she must take ownership of her actions and then we can all have closure. But if she continues denying everything, then she’s not welcome, because she has shown no remorse for what she has done." 

When called for comment, Sindisiwe's lawyer said: "It’s the first time I hear about it. My client has not yet given me instructions to respond to this, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all."

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