Sipho: “I prayed when I woke up in ICU"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Sipho Makhabane  | Drama

Gospel singer Sipho Makhabane who was involved in a fatal car accident earlier on in the month made his first radio interview this morning on Ukhozi FM.

After the news of Sipho’s accident made its way to public forums, it was rumoured that Makhabane had passed on. The singer then assured listeners and his followers that he’s alive and well.

 “The devil is a liar, you’re not seeing a ghost here, you’re seeing me in the flesh.” He told DJ Sgqemeza.

Makhabane continued to delve into the story of how he reacted when he woke up from his coma in ICU, he then immediately went into prayer.

“This may surprise you, but I actually don’t remember the accident, what I do remember is that I was on my way to Delmas for a church service. The next thing I recall was me waking up to a woman’s voice telling me that I was in an accident, I couldn’t believe it and for a while I disagreed with her, informing her that I was actually on my way to Delmas. I then kindly asked her to leave my room to which I pulled the sheets from my leg and began praying, thanking God for giving me a second chance.”

DJ Sgqemeza then asked Makhabane how he felt about the death rumours.

“I just want to re-iterate to my fellow Africans that it’s important we keep our Ubuntu and respect intact. Social media is all fun and games but when you begin to post things you know nothing of, it can be dangerous. My family didn’t confirm my death, luckily enough that did not affect my wife and children.”

One gospel singer who sadly couldn't dodge the jaws of death was Lihle Mbanjwa who passed away last year in a car accident.

Sipho was all jubilant and chanting his own Gospel songs during the radio interview. The man is clearly alive and well people and that's worth praising and being cheerful for!