The sacrifices Siyabonga Radebe made to kickstart his musical career

"...everything that I am, I’ve always been all of my life…”

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Siyabonga Radebe  | Drama

Siyabonga Radebe

Earlier this year, award-winning actor, comedian and musician Siyabonga Radebe launched a Zulu love song as his latest contribution into the musical industry, and although many might have felt that he was launching his musical career, Radebe says that he has been doing music his own life.

As an artist with many talents, having studied Drama at DUT (Durban University of Technology) and had music as one of his majors, travelling all the way from Umlazi, D section of Kwa-Zulu Natal to pursue his dreams in the City of Gold, Radebe has always had plans of having a career in music and he has been taking steps towards this pursuit from day one.

“One thing that I realized is that because of my church background when it comes to music, the church was a place to express your deepest pains. I’ve been recording since I was a kid when I met guys in the streets, who knew people that have studio equipment - I remember I used to walk from D section Umlazi, to BB section, which is far away - we’d get into this guys house and we would record...everything that I am, I’ve always been all of my life…” he said, speaking to ZAlebs.

With Radebe's Christian background having inspired his expressiveness, the all-around artist says that while he was still studying he had always taken his lectures advice by utilizing the equipment that was at his disposal and sharpening his craft to take further steps towards building his career.

"I used to record stuff, in university, I was fortunate because this one lady used to say 'you guys don’t realize what you have right now, you only have three or five years in this environment called university. After this, you will remember this place, and you will wish that you had taken advantage of each and everything you have to your disposal right now.' University was a blessing,”

Siyabonga Radebe has taken great steps towards building his musical career at a young age, it's no surprise how he is still able to withstand the pressures of the industry and continues to give his best with every performance he does whether on stage or on TV.  

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