Sizwe Dhlomo puts Anele Mdoda on blast

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

These two are the closest of friends on and off air but Sizwe Dhlomo has exposed Anele for her horrid singing voice.

Sizwe on Monday morning got many excited when he tweeted for people to listen to his radio show to hear Anele Mdoda like we’ve never heard her before. Initially, we thought this was going to be one of those first interviews of Anele speaking about her pregnancy but to our disappointment it was not, which was kind of expected from a jokester like Sizwe.

What Sizwe initially wanted us to listen to was a singing clip of Anele singing her rather ear-deafening version of  Do Better by The Layabouts featuring Portia Monique.

The radio personality started off by saying;

“I feel bad for saying this, but Anele has the most atrocious singing voice I have ever witnessed. Anele is great on radio I’d at least expect her to be great when singing.”

He then continued to play the clip several times whilst he hosed himself with laughter and we all know how much the guy loves to laugh, especially when it comes to joking about his friends.

“It’s apparent that Anele should not be the one singing the lullabies in the family otherwise her baby will not survive.” He further commented.

Listeners of his show asked if he could do a better job at singing, the ever so confident Sizwe replied that he actually doesn’t have a bad singing voice at all.

We must agree with Sizwe though, Anele is everything but a singer we know SA Idols hasn’t begun, but we think this year’s wooden mic award should go to her.