[PICS]: Is Sjava Going Through The Most?

Sjava's pictures have fans concerned

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Sjava  | Drama

Sjava's fans are trying to find out if the singer is okay after he was spotted looking extremely sad in social media pictures.

Can't a person just chill on the beach and look into the abyss? Or does that signal some kind of internal turmoil?

Followers of award-winning musician, Sjava seem to think that 'uGuy akekho right maan' (he's not alright). He posted three pictures of himself - just chilling by the beach and seemingly in deep thought - and fans thought that something was seriously wrong. 

This begged the question, was he merely just enjoying the ocean's breeze, while getting his creative juices flowing for some inspiration regarding his next killer album? Or was there something seriously wrong with him?

''Kumele ulahleke kuze uzithole futhi, Wenze amaphutha ufunde kuwo
Ukukhala wedwa kuhle kuwe Ngoba ufunda ukuthulisa.''

Upon posting the pictures on Twitter, Sjava found himself among the trending topics on Twitter within a few hours.

Tweeps' detective games shot the roof, as they shared their divided opinions and interpretations of what Sjava's state of being could be.

We must say- this debate was quite interesting and hilarious, as Tweeps went into impressive detail with their analyses of Sjava's body language. Wow!

Was this post blown out of proportion or the poor guy was simply chilling by the beach? Awu phela Ke Dezemba!

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Main Image Credit:Instagram/@sjava_atm