Skeem Saam Viewers React To Charles Kunutu’s Family

Viewers meet Charles Kunutu’s wife

By  | Jan 26, 2023, 09:09 AM  | Drama

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Charles Kunutu is one of Skeem Saam’s most prominent characters as he has been part of the educational drama since day 1. 
Although he has spoken greatly about his wife Salamina, viewers had to wait for 10 years to finally meet her.
Charles Kunutu is played by actor Masilo Magoro.

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It was in 2013 that he landed the role of Charles Kunutu on Skeem Saam, Rachel, and Nimza’s uncle out to get the Maputlas. 
He grew up in Tzaneen and later moved to Johannesburg with his mother.
 Masilo studied at Thabo high school in Naledi, Soweto. He then studied drama at FUBA academy for three years and a short course with the Market theatre,
 Week in and week out viewers of Skeem Saam applauded Masilo for his great performances.
The Real Reason Why Shoki Left Skeem Saam

Last year Shoki Mmola, one of the more popular stars on Skeem Saam left the drama after 10 years on the show. 
Shoki, affectionately known to millions of viewers as Celia Kunutu/Magoongwa has been part of Skeem Saam since its inception in 2011.
Shoki’s exit comes as a shock to fans of the show.
Before the shocking exit from Skeem Saam, Celia faced pressure from hospital manager Mr. Kgomo who was constantly on her case.
Her husband, Alfred Magongwa has lost his eyesight after a prank by Turfloop High’s learners including his son Mahlatse and the troublesome Paxton Kgomo went wrong.
As a result, he stayed at home trying to recover and regain his eyesight. Viewers have not seen Celia since her appearance. 
She did not give much explanation behind her sudden dissapreance but has told hospital manager Mr. Kgomo that she’s had enough.
The SABC has confirmed that Shoki Mmola has left Skeem Saam
The channel bid farewell to Shoki Mmola who is leaving her role as Velia on Skeem Saam.
Shoki will be missed by her fellow cast members, crew members and viewers watching at home. We wish her well and all the best with her future.
The actress also confirmed that she is leaving the show on her social media. She thanked everyone who has supported her in the last 28 years.
As I bow out of SKEEMSAAM, I bow even lower to Everyone that has supported my work over the 28yrs of industry… And 10yrs of Skeem Saam……HERE:  to telling more stories. 
 According to sources, she leaves the show to focus on other ventures.
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