Bonang and Somizi on the path of reconciliation?

It may seem like the two personalities might be putting aside their differances.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama


Since last year and the beginning of this year we've seen Somizi express his hurt and disappointment in the abrupt ending of his relationship with Bonang but if their recent actions are anything to go by, these two are well on their way to burying the hatchet.

After a very successful hosting presentation by Somizi and Tumi Morake at this years SAMAs held on Saturday, many people applauded the two hosts, especially Somizi, for his splendid hosting skills.

One of the people to applaud him was Bonang as well.

If you have been taking notice, Bonang has remained mum about her friendship with Somizi since the friendship ended last year.

But on Saturday Bonang decided to give credit, where credit was due and gave her former bestie a thumbs up for a job well-done.

Somizi and B

Bonang sat next to her bestie, Lorna Maseko, throughout the show and watched as Somizi and Tumi entertained the crowd. Bonang was spotted dancing to a song Somizi was dancing to during the ad break, Queen B is seen cheering on his former bestie as everyone enjoyed the moment.

Looks like the two are well on their way to resurrecting their friendship or maybe they have, and would rather keep it under wraps until further notice.

Main Image Credit: Instagram