Somizi's Constant Jabs At Mohale Ruffle Major Feathers

Mohale's army is fuming

By  | May 31, 2022, 07:53 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Mohale's army has lashed out at TV star Somizi Mhlongo, for his repeated jabs at his estranged husband Mohale Motaung on the 5th season five of his reality show The Dream with Somizi.

Since the season started, an episode does not end without Somizi speaking about his breakup from his Mohale. But, Mohale's fans are fed up now, and they are now questioning whether his content will revolve around him this season.

When the pair broke up, they kept everything under wraps, but Somizi is finally spilling all the beans now and dropping major files that many people have been dying to know.

On the latest episode he challenged Mohale to a boxing match saying they can both score big. "Let's be fair and square. Bathi eyamadoda ayipheli. Let's be men and meet in the boxing ring, and there will be real fists,”he said.

His repeated jabs at Mohale are rubbing viewers the wrong way and they feel like he used this season to bash Mohale. Motshabi_P tweeted "Somizi keeps taking jabs at how broke Mohale was but how much money was he expecting a 26 year old to have? Was he not aware when he chose him?"

Kamo_matsemela_ tweeted: "Not Somizi taking jabs at Mohale acting like he's ALWAYS been rich... uSomizi uphuma eMapetla he was never as klean as Mohale in his early 20's...sies maan."
On the latest episode of his show Somizi also revealed to Shauwn Mkhize that Mohale allegedly wanted 50% in their divorce settlement. MamKhize did not mince her words when he lashed out at Mohale: “He’s crazy, he’s out of his mind. Are we supposed to work hard and give people half?” adding that she will help connect Somizi.

Somizi even called Mohale an alleged “con artist,” and a “money heist ":  You don't just walk into someone else's life and do nothing and expect to leave with everything. That is being a con artist, shoplifter, robbery actually there is a name they call him "money heist," he said.

But, tweeps say he knew that Mohale was not wealthy when he married him, and they say he should stop bashing him online.

On the first episode of this season, Somizi publicly spoken out for the first time about their sex life, adding that it was not great. He said he even suggested a threesome or going to a sex therapist but Mohale was adamant to explore that route.

"There is a part where he says I suggested threesome and stuff. My suggestion of not an open relationship, a versatile relationship, was for the benefit of our marriage. Here I was dealing with someone who had issues with sex or I don't know what you call it."

"I still stayed, but I said to him let's find other ways to either we go to a sex therapy, he didn't want to go because he was in denial that the sex life wasn't great."

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