Somizi Puts A Homophobe In His Place

He bragged about his 5 houses

By  | Jun 24, 2020, 09:13 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi Mhlongo has put a homophobe in his place after mocking him on father's day.

Till this day some people display some sort of ignorance when it comes to Somgaga being a father and also a gay man at the same time.

Twitter user @SokwalisaP tried to be funny by asking "how does Somizi celebrate father’s day?"

Angered by his question, Somizi delivered a hot clapback at the troll and he revealed he owns five houses.

"I wake up. Go outside. Decide which car to drive. Then decide which house I wanna sleep at between free state. KZN. Dainfern. Fourways. Soweto. Parys," he bragged.

Somgaga was not having any of it and asked how does the user celebrate fathers day. He also decided to become a little spicy by saying he'll listen to his response on the radio.

"Then call my daughter to come get my bank card  to spoil herself.  Wena? I'll listen on the radio," he responded.

After all the nasty back and forth on his mentions, Somgaga remained a happy father at the end of the day as he shared a screenshot of his daughter Bahumi's sweet message.
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