Tweeps Run Somizi Off Twitter

He needs a break from all the toxicity

By  | Nov 24, 2021, 04:50 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi Mhlongo has recently been in the spotlight for his lavish lifestyle and his dreamy vacations. From Dubai to New York, Somgaga is definitely setting the bar way too high when it comes to chasing the soft life, and we are here for it.

And while we are still loving how life seems to be treating Somizi well, tweeps have recently had to witness a confession by Somizi that has left them wondering what could have triggered the well renowned actor.

In the tweet, Somizi talks about how peaceful it used to be before Twitter, mentioning that the people on twitter are too toxic for him. The tweet also sees him appreciating those who are kind and, he also tells them, “You know where to find me… I love you, but I’m too blessed for the toxicity here.” 

There is no saying why Somizi went on this rant but clearly, someone or something must have triggered him. But who could it be? I mean for someone who is having dinner in Dubai and breakfast in New York, life should be perfect right? Well, tweeps are still not letting him have his moment.

While his legion of fans have taken to his comment section to say a word of encouragement, others are clearly not moved at all by his emotional outburst. Here are some of the reactions.

His tweet was immediately followed by another tweet insinuating that he won’t be coming back to Twitter and that just had the crowd go wild. This could only mean that he is taking a break from Twitter, but still, who could be behind this? And how sure is he that they won’t follow him to Instagram or every other social media platform?

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The last time Somgaga had tweeps in a daze is when he announced that he was pansexual, meaning that he was attracted to anyone he wanted at any particular time. He even went on ahead to say that if he met a beautiful woman, he would date her. You wouldn't believe how twitter was blowing up at this news. Had he just come out as not gay anymore? No one had seen this coming.

Somgaga, who has been separated from his estranged husband Mohale Motaung for some time now, has been on a retreat tour across Mzansi where he has been meeting up with his fans for motivational talks and spiritual crossings. It is therefore sad to see that he has to be forced out of Twitter when he carries himself with such a powerful aura.

We can only hope that he will recover soon enough and keep blessing us with his rich aunty vibes. For now we will all camp on Instagram to see what he’ll be up to. 

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