Family Feud SA Latest Episode Has Viewers Fuming

KFC came under fire for their offensive tweet against Tsonga contestants

By  | Sep 07, 2020, 11:03 AM  | Steve Harvey  | Drama

Cancel culture on social media has become a norm as a simple tweet is enough to offend a whole lot of people, whether intentional or simply a misunderstanding. The latest victim of this is popular fast food chain KFC who made a joke that rubbed the Xitsonga culture the wrong way.

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Popular American comedian Steve Harvey hosts one of Mzansi's favorite game shows and every Sunday viewers are treated to a warm, hilarious and family oriented comedic fest.

KFC South Africa found itself on one of the lists many brands or personalities fear landing on, the cancel list. As the official sponsor for the game show, KFC endorses every episode by tweeting, but their latest tweet was deemed offensive.

Their tweet reads "When you can’t decide on a colour, so you wear them all," and posted a picture of one of the families who were taking part. The family wore their proudly Xitsonga attire, hence the outrage as people thought the franchise was mocking the culture.

Deleting their tweet was not enough for viewers and soon after #KFCMustFall trended. They heard the country's cries but instead of apologising they replaced the tweet with another one.

An outraged tweep wrote,"Considering that Xitsonga culture & language are marginalized. And we hardly have no representation in the mainstream media. These lady proudly represented us but were ridiculed made a butt of a “joke” that failed to land. I’m Tsonga & highly offended #kfcmustfall."

Confused at the outrage over their tweet, another one wrote, "I’m Tsonga myself! But hayikhona guys! When did we loose our sense of humor? Noo man! Afterall it’s true that we wear all the colors and make them beautiful! Isn’t that what makes us standout?"

Last week Clicks Group came under fire for their advertisement which was deemed racist. Their advert degraded black hair calling it "dry, damaged, frizzy and dull."

Their blatant disrespect towards African women's hair sparked a social media outcry which saw the birth of a hashtag #ClicksMustFall, with many people claiming to boycott the store.

Condeming their actions Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, who wears her crown way up high said "Not only is this disrespectful to black lives, it is also evidence of an absence of representation and diversity within the organization. And we are talking about a South Africa with a population of about 80% black people (stand to be corrected). No ways," she wrote.

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