Stoan and Ntsiki Mazwai at war

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Stoan Seate  | Drama

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If you're expecting a Bongo Maffin reunion soon, you better forget about it. The group brought us many hit tracks a years ago, but it looks like they we will never hear a new Bongo Maffin song again. 

This was revealed by group member, Stoan, during his twar (Twitter war) with Ntsiki Mazwai. Things turned bad after Ntsiki accused Stoan, who has a child with her sister Thandiswa, of being an absent father. 

In a blog post titled 'f*** absent fathers', Ntsiki lashed out at Stoan, who is on the cover of Drum magazine with his wife and children. Stoan and Thandiswa's daughter, Malaika, is not featured. 

This clearly upset Ntsiki, who made all kinds of statements on her blog. Here's part of what she wrote:

Stoan didn't take Ntsiki's accusations lightly and he gave her a piece of his mind. 

And he let it slip that there will be NO Bongo Maffin reunion any time soon.

Ouch! However, Ntsiki has made it clear that she is not responsible for the group's break-up.

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