ZAlebs Weigh In On Covid19 Vaccine Trial In Africa!

Our local celebs want South African to wake up

By  | Jun 26, 2020, 04:00 PM  | Drama

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There have been reports over the last couple of weeks that there's a breakthrough in the development of a Covid19 vaccine. More recent reports have implied that the vaccine will be tried here in South Africa and that now appears to be a reality.

After cries from South Africans to test the vaccine elsewhere, it appears the cries have fallen on death ears as the first trials have started in Soweto.

Our local celebs are not happy with this and have advised citizens to reject this. Outspoken media personality Scoop recently took to his Instagram to voice his opinion. He wrote in part. This is bad. This is the result of your Global Citizen Concerts and your UP MY PEOPLE. I PLEAD WITH YOU. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.  I AM JUST ASKING YOU TO WAKE UP AND FACE REALITY. THIS FANTASY WORLD IS NOT WORKING."

Celeste Ntuli jumped in the comment section and said, "This is so sad! Global Citizen and Tennis Matches!!"

Before putting up a post of his own, AKA asked, "Where is the outrage that people so regularly participate in?"

Tshego, Zingah and celebrity publicist Melanie also expressed their outrage.

On his own timeline, the Supamega posted, " Where the hell are your woke rangers when you are needed the most?"

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Our celebs are asking valid questions and we need answers. What are your thoughts? Do you think trialling the Covid19 vaccine here in SA was a good decision?

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Picture Credit: Instagram: AKA
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