Thami Ngubeni And Pamela Mtanga Share Kidnapping Ordeals

This festive season is becoming more gruesome as the weeks go by.

By  | Nov 20, 2022, 10:53 AM  | Drama

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When the New Year began, we all looked forward to the festive season. However, it seems that this year’s festive season is starting out on a bleak note, which shows no end in sight. First it was the surprising and tragic news of the passing of Oupa “DJ Sumbody” Sefoka, who was allegedly gunned down after 30 bullet cartridges were found on the scene of the crime
However, as the country and our ZAlebs are reeling from the news. More harrowing stories about other ZAlebs have been shared on social media on their life-threatening experiences this past week. This includes Metro FM personality and seasoned broadcaster, Thami Ngubeni, and influencer, MC and television presenter Pamela Mtanga. 
Thami Ngubeni kidnapped, and Pamela Mtanga gets away with her life

During the latest programming of her show with Siya Mhlongo, the veteran broadcaster shared her own harrowing story detailing how on Monday, 14 November 2022, she experienced a hijacking turned kidnapping as the culprits held her hostage in order to clean her accounts before letting her go. 
Ngubeni confirmed that as much as she is traumatised by the harrowing experience, she is relieved that she is still alive to tell her testimony.

Therefore, it is no surprise that listeners went on to Twitter’s timeline after she shared the story on the blue app to comfort and support her during this difficult time as she rebuilds.  
But Ngubeni is not the only media personality to share her traumatising experience of fear due to being in a car and fearing for your life. This is as former “Mrs Buns Out,” Pamela Mtanga, who gained mainstream popularity due to her marketing strategy which saw her promoting Maps Maponyane’s Buns Out business as she shared her journey to meeting her crush, who just so happened to be Maponyane. 
Mtanga took to Twitter to also share how she feared for her life, and that of her assistant, during their drive on the M1 when they believed that they were followed by a car. In the detailed thread on her harrowing experience, Mtanga started the thread by writing: 
“Me and my assistant were followed by a Ford Ranger from the M1 in the Parktown vicinity to Melrose. They kept driving right next to us trying to get us to speak to them. They followed us and the guy found us in the parking lot inside Bluebird said: “I’m going to follow and find you.”
Mtanga then details the cat-and-mouse game which she and her assistant played in order to eventually evade the potential kidnappers. 
While for the most part, the comments were supportive and one’s which had her followers share their own experiences similar to hers.
Of course there would be the negative tweets from men and clearly ignorant trolls who instead of comforting aimed to shame Mtanga for what they considered was her negligence as she shared that she failed to look at the number plate due to the panic at the time. 
All we can say is that like in Thami Ngubeni’s case, we are glad she made it out alive. Moreover, let all these events be precautionary tales about the possible festive season we might experience this year. 

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