Thando Thabethe Fuels Lunga Rumours

It's looking more and more obvious

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Thando "Thabooty" Thabethe  | Drama

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If it wasn't already obvious that something is going on between Thando Thabethe and Lunga Shabalala, we got even more evidence over this past weekend.

This weekend was a romantic one across the country although it's fair to say that the biggest event was definitely Somizi and Mohale's wedding (no offence to Bontle and Priddy Ugly by the way!). Thando Thabethe was not only one of the esteemed guests at the event, but she was also, according to a number of sources, one of the best-dressed celebrities on the day and she grabbed headlines throughout the weekend.

However, while many were enchanted by her outfit, a few of her closest followers were not distracted from the fact that she had showed up to the wedding with a plus one - the one and only Lunga Shabalala.

Thando played it cool by joking that she had "bumped" into the presenter:

Anybody who caught wind of this tweet was NOT fooled by the suggestion that Thando and Lunga had just stumbled upon one another at one of the biggest events of the year. Remember, these are two people who were rumoured to have gone on baecae together - do you mean to tell me they didn't know that they would be at the same wedding?

But there's more:

On Instagram Stories, Thando went as far as posting a picture with Lunga and calling him her date. So why did her tweeps have to think she had "bumped into" the former Man Cave presenter?

The final piece of the puzzle came when fans realised that Thando and Lunga were both wearing matching outfits.

It's clear with every passing month that something is definitely happening between Thando and Lunga even though neither of them wants to admit it openly. In the meantime, the Twitter detectives will just keep up with the hard work until we finally have the truth of what's going on.

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