Uhuru band member arrested

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Thapelo Mokoena  | Drama

Yho! What's up with celebrities and breaking the law?

The latest star to get into trouble is Uhuru's Xelimpilo Simelane, who was arrested after he was allegedly caught driving while drunk. According to Daily Sun, the incident happened in Pretoria on Tuesday night. A source told the paper that the vocalist was with a friend at the time of his arrest.

"I think they were just finishing their Easter weekend partying when he was arrested. He didn’t resist arrest. He said he was worried about the damage it would cause to his image and that of the group," the source told Daily Sun.

The paper reported that his record label Kalawa Jazmee is silent on the matter. The singer could also not be reached for comment.

The Daily Sun source added: "We hope he doesn't end up with a criminal record and having to serve jail time. Drunken driving is a serious matter. Innocent people often get killed in accidents involving drunk drivers. He needs to learn from this bad experience and stop risking his life and the lives of other drivers on the roads."

Police spokesperson Captain Augustinah Selepe confirmed Xelimpilo's arrest and said he was released on bail. She told the paper that police are waiting for blood test results from the laboratory.

The star is expected to appear in court on 28 September.