The River’s Paulina And Zolani Die At The Same Time

Fans are up in arms and Tango Ncetezo shares her final goodbye.

By  | Feb 03, 2023, 11:19 AM  | Drama

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The River is currently a single episode away from the beginning of season two. This is as 1 Magic has confirmed that season six of the telenovela is set to begin on Monday, 6 February 2023. A season which will follow after the greatest exit of beloved fan-favourite characters from the telenovela.

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While it was already expected that Hlomla Dandala, Lawrence Maleka, and Tango Ncetezo were set to bid farewell to the telenovela. A plot which ZAlebs reported earlier this month when it shared that: 

Hlomla Dandala as Zweli Dikana is already set to die during his confrontation with Mabutho over his involvement in the latest Hlophe heist. After Nomonde finds her father dead, it is set to be a full-out war between the Dikanas and the Hlophes.

From Zolani and Tshabala invading the Hlophe mansion to find Mabutho. To Lindiwe and Mabutho shooting out it, and seemingly Zolani dying in the crossfire during the shootout. Moreover, it seems that Angelina will beat the DNA test. A fact which will lead to Paulina kidnapping her baby from her, and it seems that Angelina will find her baby and shoot Paulina to keep her secret and get her baby back.

While the manner in which Hlomla Dandala’s exit was handled might have been false, it seems that the death of Paulina and Zolani was on the nose. But fans following their deaths are not happy with the manner in which it was handled. 

Paulina and Zolani die at the same time

The penultimate episode of The River season five has received spirited backlash over the manner in which it handled the exits of Paulina and Zolani. Primarily, the gripe is over the fact that the telenovela could not give the actors who gave life to these characters an opportunity to die in their individual episodes.
As a result, it seems that the shock of losing them both simultaneously is what drove viewers to the edge. Especially considering how touch-and-go this season has been already. The fact that the writers could not respect the actors and their impact on the telenovela is what viewers cannot forgive.
Moreover, in terms of Paulina’s role, fans are fuming that after months of asking that Paulina receive a happy ending at least as they take her character off the show. In true form, the writers decided to blue-tick this plea and continue to give her the most tragic end. 

This is as the biological identity of baby Thato died with her after she was gunned down by Angelina. As such, Angelina gets away with yet another crime and can keep her marriage and the child she stole.
In light of their final episode, Lawrence Maleka hosted fans to an exclusive get-together with himself and Tango to watch their final episode with them. Maleka is yet to share his final word as it seems he is waiting for the season finale.
However, Tango Ncetezo shared her first word of goodbye via her Instagram story and promised that she will share her official exit statement when the time is right- after the season five finale.

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