The River Claps Back At Criticism

Seems Tshedza has had enough!

By  | Jan 29, 2023, 08:28 AM  | Drama

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There are about four more episodes until the end of The River's fifth season. A season which is considered to have been the worst season of the award winning telenovela since it first premiered back in 2018. As a result of the continued narrative that the current season is the worst due to a number of factors

It would seem that Tshedza Pictures, the production company behind the telenovela, has also had enough of the backlash. So much so that it decided to clap back at the criticism. 

The River claps back at criticism 

In this season, more so  towards the end of season five, Tango Ncetezo as Paulina has been through a lot. The fan favourite character had to share her husband, find out she was pregnant at the same time as wife number two, lost her baby because wife number swapped her dead baby with hers in order to stay in her marriage. 

It has been months of the story dragging with Paulina leaving for KZN to deal with her grief. But only to return to begin reeling, depend on alcohol and now she has kidnapped baby Mpho as she still believes that the baby is hers even after a failed DNA test which was doctored. 

While fans have been calling for Paullina to have at least a happy ending, Tshedza clapped back and basically said, “watch and enjoy or don’t watch at all.” 
Safe to say, viewers were quick to drag the production company for its lack of decorum in the manner in which it addresses issues. Moreover, for the fact that they criticism has been constructive. More so when considering that hacked job the story did with its flashforward, which did not feature initially included  characters like Paulina, Emma and Njabulo. 
This is as the story is rushing to its end where it will see the outgoing cast members all killed off in the coming week. This follows after the leaked unofficial season five trailer of the last episodes was shared and speculation is that: 

A die-hard fan of The River took to Twitter on Wednesday, 18 January 2023 to share an unofficial trailer teasing what is set to happen during the final moments of season five of the telenovela. The trailer teases a full out war.

This is as Hlomla Dandala as Zweli Dikana is already set to die during his confrontation with Mabutho over his involvement in the latest Hlophe heist. After Nomonde finds her father dead, it is set to be a full-out war between the Dikanas and the Hlophes.

From Zolani and Tshabala invading the Hlophe mansion to find Mabutho. To Lindiwe and Mabutho shooting out it, and seemingly Zolani dying in the crossfire during the shootout. Moreover, it seems that Angelina will beat the DNA test. A fact which will lead to Paulina kidnapping her baby from her, and it seems that Angelina will find her baby and shoot Paulina to keep her secret and get her baby back.

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