RHODurban Star Annie Mthembu's Husband Rumoured To Have Extramarital Affairs

This comes after he was allegedly spotted holding hands with Sbahle Mpisane

By  | Mar 17, 2023, 10:53 AM  | Relationships

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The Real Housewives of Durban star Annie Mthembu is caught between a rock and a hard place. Following the rumours already swirling all over social media about her husband and Durban club owner Kgolo 'DaGuru' Mthembu's alleged extramarital affairs.

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Annie Mthembu has become a hot topic across all social media platforms following tweeps catching wind about the rumours surrounding her husband, Kgolo 'DaGuru' Mthembu. Reportedly, Kgolo DaGuru is expecting a child from a mystery lady outside of their marital home.

"Well well well! Kuthiwa Kgolo Mthembu who is Annie's hubby, is also expecting a baby from someone else! There is going to be a Baby shower in the Durban soon!!Isono ngoAnnie!" wrote Jozi Tube

Meanwhile on one hand, another rumour that has caught scores of social media users attention involves Sbahle Mpisane. Allegedly, the Fitness Bunny was spotted holding hands with Kgolo Mthembu at Capital Hotel on Monday. However, at this point both Annie Mthembu and Sbahle Mpisane have since responded and rubbished the rumours. Whether Kgolo Mthembu is in a relationship with Fitness Bunny, Sbahle Mpisane, that remains a mystery only they can solve.

"Trending on insta blogs, (Maphepha) is that Sbahle Mpisane is sleeping with Annie Mthembu’s husband #RHOD ! Instead of Annie asking her trashy hubby she confronted Sbahle who obviously denied it. Don’t forget that Sbahle is a serial cheater, who is not ashamed to admit on camera that she has cheated on everyone that she’s ever been with, including ex fiancé Khune, she also lied about amnesia." wrote Jozi Tube

Both Annie Mthembu and Sbahle Mpisane have taken an opportunity to insert their two cents worth on the damning speculations. Talking to Maphepha Ndaba, Mpisane has completely rubbished the claims that she was spotted with Kgolo Mthembu at Capital Hotel holding hands. Mpisane proceeded to mention that she was never at the said venue and she is not in a relationship with Annie Mthembu's husband, Kgolo.

"Babes I was at Pearls on Monday alone. Place a Mogudu takeway order at Views. I don't know why and how my name is involved here" wrote Sbahle Mpisane
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At the same token, Annie Mthembu was lost for words after learning about her husband's alleged relationship with Sbahle Mpisane.
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Instead of viewers and tweeps to share compassion for Annie Mthembu's situation, they have proceeded to scrutinize, dissect and flip her upside down, for all their liking. The uncompassionate tweeps are also reminded how Annie Mthembu treated ex Real Housewives of Durban co-star Nonkanyiso 'LaC' Conco about her relationship with Petal. 

"All that time Annie spent trying to figure out where LaC was staying and whether or not Petal was rich could've been better used keeping track of her philandering husband's behaviour." wrote Sisa
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