Tweeps Are Not Hapy With Samkelo Ndlovu's Music

She recently gave her first performace

By  | Dec 28, 2020, 12:18 PM  | Drama

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Actress-turned-musician Samkelo Ndlovu recently dropped her first single to mixed reviews. However, after a video of her first performance from the weekend surfaced on the Internet some fans had something to say about the Rhythm City star. Most of it wasn't positive.

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Samkelo took to Instagram the other day, to vent out her frustrations and called Nomuzi out, accusing her of jealousy and being a coward. The actress said she was performing at Altitude Beach last night and she decided to go and greet Sphe and Naves when Nomuzi gave her a stank face, citing that she is jealous of her music.

"Today I was not having it, I was not going to sit there and have her stank face me when I just came off stage and people loved my song and have this b*tch ruin my night, so I asked her why are you looking at me like this? and guess what happened, she had 5 people surrounding her and they were trying to stop her from wilding out," she said in a live video on IG.

She said Nomuzi allegedly threw a drink at her and she allegedly had a knife with her. "She threw her drink at me, and she had a knife or something that the other girl pulled off from her hand," she said.

Samkelo said when she asked to pass Nomuzi took her sweet time to step aside. The actress then went to accuse Nomuzi of rising to superstardom due to friends she has associated herself with.

She said she calls herself the new age Ma-Brr but she hasn't even done anything iconic compared to the legacy Brenda Fassie left behind.

"She calls herself the new age Ma_Brr, what MaBrr? Brenda Fassie used to fill up stadiums what have you filled up? The actress dragged her on Instagram from hell to back with every single name underneath the sun. She said their beef is not as a result of being Thomas Gumede's ex-girlfriends.

"I know you guys will say oh Thomas Gumede, I wish you guys knew that I respect Thomas and he is a good friend of mine. I introduced them, I was actually cool with their relationship and I had moved on and I was living my dream of becoming an actress and I never stuck on a man,"
she added.

She accused her of allegedly have lost weight because of being on drugs and said she is a dumb girl with no capacity to think "I do not deal with dumb girls who do not have a capacity," she said.

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