Uzalo's Actor Thobani Nzuza Pleads For Help As He Receives Death Threats!

The actor claims there is a woman who wants him dead and has been cyber-bullying him.

By  | Apr 30, 2020, 07:45 AM  | Thobani Nzuza  | Drama

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It seems like surviving in the entertainment industry, for Durban- based artists has become an extreme sport, with many artists coming out claiming their lives are at risk. Just recently Gqom musician TNS had his fans like deer in the headlights, when he burst into tears on Instagram live, alleging that there is a group of people who were scheming for his demise.

The musician claimed the group wanted to end his music career. Now Uzalo actor Thobani Nzuza, has also come out to plead for help, even to Minister Nathi Mthethwa, after he alleges that Senelisiwe Bhengu, the manager of  Afropop musician Mnqobi Yazo, wants to kill him.

This is because Sanelisiwe allegedly claims that she made Mnqobi big, hence he owes her money and he must come and work for her again by force. Thobani has been thrust into this saga because he helped Mnqobi to escape as Sanelisiwe was threatening to kill him.

The actor alleges that he has been receiving endless death threats from the woman and these antagonising incidents have left him fearing for his life. In a couple of videos he shared on his Twitter thread, Thobani says Sanelisiwe claims to be very connected and she is not scared of anyone.

Thobani says the woman hired three hit-men to assassinate Mnqobi when they stormed his place in Randburg accompanied by her, but they did not find Mnqobi nor him.

He said, instead they found guys who were from Cape Town who were staying at his place because they came to work on a show in Johannesburg. Thobani says they assaulted the people and took some of their possessions including Mnqobi's ID and a TV stand.

The actor says he offered Mnqobi a place to stay at his place but Mnqobi's manager has been threatening to kill him, citing that he is also protecting Mnqobi.

Thobani said he filed for a protection order against this lady but, it was not successful, as he did not get it. Instead, he claims police gave a Sunday World journalist the protection to write a story which ruffled the feathers of  Sanelisiwe.

Sanelisiswe allegedly opened a fake account using Mnqobi's name to threaten him and she has been allegedly cyberbullying him on social media.

The actor says he went to the police, to open a case but they said they cannot open a case, now he is pleading for more help.

Mnqobi has also vented out his frustrations on Twitter and said he is fed up of Sanelisiswe. He claims she is even threatening his family.

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