Thuli Phongolo Accused Of Faking Covid-19

Is this government propaganda?

By  | Nov 21, 2021, 09:19 AM  | Thuli Phongolo  | Drama

Image of Thuli Phongolo
The Covid-19 global pandemic has been brutal for everyone for two years now, and our favourite ZAlebs have not been spared. Last year, especially, we received report after report of celebrities testing positive for the virus, and it seems it is now Thuli P’s turn. 
The celebrity DJ recently went online to announce that she had tested positive for Covid, and would be cancelling all her booked engagements to give herself a chance to isolate and recover. 
But tweeps are not convinced that she is actually unwell. In fact, many have downright declared it fake news. They think that she is being paid by the government to pretend to be ill, so they can justify another lockdown under the guise of “a fourth wave”.
While others had some “genuine” concerns, some haters took the announcement as an opportunity to trash her art in general. “Gigs? What gigs” one tweep asked, implying that nobody even books her anyway. 
Thuli P is no stranger to online trolls. Her relationship status, in particular, often provides tweeps with fodder for gossip and hate. Just recently, she was dragged for allegedly breaking DJ Maphorisa’s heart, even though the evidence for such an allegation was ridiculous. It was shortly after alleged that she had come out as gay in a saucy Instagram snap. 

But she is not the only ZAleb who has been accused of faking Covid 19 as a tool of government propaganda. Last year, AKA was dragged for what tweeps thought was him faking the illness. He had tried to be vulnerable with online folk, to share his symptoms and his recovery timeline, in an attempt to destigmatize the illness. But the tweeps were not having any of it, and savagely dragged him to the point he had to clap back and defend himself. 

Thuli’s situation is tough though. We can’t decide whether to hope it’s real or fake. If it’s real, then it’s scary, because the illness can be rough for anyone, and we would really hope she recovers soon. If it’s fake, however, it means she will be well. But then again, it is pretty heartless to fake something so serious and critical. 
Either way, we wish the star a quick recovery, and hope that she will show up in time to clear it all up. She shared that she has received a lot of love, support and best wishes since she made her announcement, so it seems that it’s not just the haters who have a voice online. 

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