Thuso Mbedu: Our industry isn’t about talent

The actress has said some serious facts about the entertainment industry

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Thuso Mbedu  | Drama


It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. 

You know, before Twitter and Instagram became a thing. In the past, radio and TV shows were filled with talented people who received jobs because they were great at what they do, not because they had millions of followers on social media. Ah, those were some good times.

These days, however, things are looking different.

In an interview on Kaya FM this week, Thuso Mbedu briefly touched on the fact that some of the people she went to school with are still not working.

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After mentioning that the grace of God opens doors for her, the Emmy nominated actress told Thabiso “Tbose” Mokwele: “Again, I still have varsity friends who are great, who are talented that I went to school with, who are still without work four years later.”

She continued: “Our industry isn’t about talent, it really isn’t about talent. Angithi we cast according to followers, according to social media. And again, it’s such a frustration, it’s an ongoing debate because nakhona people talk about opening up the industry, but what are we opening up the industry to?”

Good question, Thuso! 

The star said this is part of the reason why she started writing her own work.  

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