Khanyi And Lasizwe Announce Passing Of Their Father

At least the siblings were together for the news.

By  | Sep 20, 2020, 10:16 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Lasizwe Dambuza has had an eventful couple of weeks and just when we all thought that things were taking a turn for the better, the popular social media superstar shared news of a tragic family loss.

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This past week, Lasizwe captured the headlines with his public 4-1-1 social media call. The star revealed that he feels like he has lost himself in the hype of being baby-boy. Initially, he had suggested that the he plans to go on a social media hiatus. But luckily for his fans and followers he did not go cold turkey and continued to share his journey to recovery predominantly through his Instagram account, because Twitter might have also been a trigger.

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In the first update he provided, Lasizwe revealed that he was taking time away from the city and checked himself into a psychiatric center in the Western Cape to work on the his mental health issues and depression.   But following a short stint, he came out of the center and continued to stay in the Western Cape for rest-and-relaxation.  But it seems that some of Lasizwe’s siblings decided to fly down to him to spend time together as a family.

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This past weekend, the two of the most popular of the siblings, Lasizwe and older sister, Khanyi Mbau, shared moments from their time together. One moment they actually shared on their social media pages was their time on a boat. The siblings shared images of them at different parts of the boat, but their similar posts made it clear that the family was spending time together and enjoying the fruits of their success. Eventually, they did share a comical story of Khanyi and Lasizwe playing with filters in the early hours of the morning.
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Shadows ...

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I think I look young...🙆🏾‍♂️

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Shadows ...

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That last story became the perfect climax before another boulder struck Lasizwe, and his entire siblings. The popular YouTube sensation revealed through his stories that his father that he shares with Khanyi Mbau has passed on. The family discovered the news together, while they were still together on the trip. Thinking of that moment, Lasizwe went on to write that, “One of the best weekends with my siblings, and now this happens.”

After revealing the news through his Instagram, the star took to Twitter to confirm the news. His first tweet was to reveal that he was currently numb to the news considering the shock. He then sent a tributary post to the parent that was his “last parent alive.” The star reflected on the journey to have his father’s acceptance and having received it for the last part of his father’s life. 
Khanyi Mbau on the other hand, has kept off social media expect to send a tributary post to her father.

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