BET Africa In Hot Water Over Toll Ass Mo Episode Amid Allegations

Pearl Thusi recently interviewed Mo and Mome for 'Behind The Story'

By  | Aug 22, 2020, 12:21 PM  | Tol A$$ Mo  | Drama

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BET Africa becomes the latest brand having to take to social media to apologize for its tone-deafness.

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The channel is currently shooting episodes for the upcoming new season “BET Africa’s Behind The Story” with Pearl Thusi still holding the helm. The latest celebrity interview included real-life couple, Toll Ass Mo and Mome.
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When tweeps caught wind of this, they inquired if the episode would address the elephant in the room. Toll Ass Mo, who does not have a social media footprint, except what his posts is accused of sexual assault by model and actress, Lerato Moloi. Many wondered if the show would tackle the matter, or the show would merely speak about how love lives between the two.
BET Africa made things worse by “acknowledging” the allegations levelled against Toll Ass Mo. But the channel’s thread suggested that they would air the episode, and wanted to give Lerato (the alleged sexual assault survivor) an opportunity to respond on the same platform.

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