Top DJ Exposed For Partying With 14-Year-Olds

The girls were reportedly missing

By  | Jun 17, 2021, 10:10 AM  | Drama

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Top Amapiano DJ Busta 929 has been exposed for allegedly partying with teenagers aged 14 years old. Social media is in a frenzy after the DJ got exposed by one of the girl's so-called sister, through a popular gossip page called Hot And Served on Instagram.

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Apparently the girls found out that the Umsebenzi Wethu hitmaker was playing at a gig in Rooftop Mohlakeng. Being fans of the DJ they then decided to attend the party and from then onwards the apparent sister alleges Busta took them to Sandton and they never heard from them since.

They decided to act on their 'disappearance' when they appeared on Busta 929's Instagram Live videos. It is also alleged that Busta spent more than 5 days with the teenagers.

"Saturday my little sis and her friends went to Rooftop Mohlakeng because Busta 929 was performing there and word is he took them to Sandton. We've been worried sick about them apparently they are even going Live with Busta in the live videos. They are mere 14 year old's can they just come back home," reads part of the message sent to the gossip page. 
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The page then shared a video from the IG Live of about 3 girls drinking and dancing with the DJ and one of them is covered in a towel.

One of the girls even took to Facebook to address the issue saying they are just mingling with Busta 929 so they can fulfill their dreams. In a now deleted Facebook post, she says Busta has a girlfriend and what people are saying is far from the truth.

"You will still see me going Live and taking pictures because that's where my dreams will come true. I've said my part you can carry on saying whatever, but then wait for episode 2, I am not done," the post reads.

People have since shared their opinions about the whole issue with some  sympathizing with Busta saying he probably did not know that they were under aged. Others want him cancelled. Many are calling out bad parenting saying at 14, teens are not even allowed near a club and that parents should have been strict with their girls.

"What if Busta 929 didn't know the girls were 14 years old? What if the girls lied about their age? We are too quick to judge and cancel people on this app however its only fair to hear both sides of the story...Many people say you can see from the video that these girls are young.  How do you guys see or is it my eyes?" a user asked.

"Lol so if BUSTA says "Yah no I wasn't aware of their age hence I kept the whole weekend" we should move on and forget about this whole thing? Only b/c ke BUSTA?? Even if he can say he's side of a story, THESE ARE KIDS!!! Minors!!! Under 18's!!!" another condemned.

"Busta 929 a Famous Amapiano Artist is busy inviting 14yr olds kids to his house and exposing them to substances and as you can see in the video. The girl is in a towel so lord knows what else went down that. Statutory Rape and Exposing minors to substances are serious offences," another assumed.
The DJ has not said anything about the incident as yet.

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