Twitter Drags Toya for Transphobic Posts!

Somebody take Toya Delazy's Phone Away!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Toya Delazy  | Drama

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Toya Delazy got people talking for all the wrong reasons after her tweets about transgender folks using female bathrooms struck a chord.

Oh Toya, what have you done?

South African hitmaker Toya Delazy angered fans and followers alike after her comments about transgender people failed to land. It all began with the issue of public bathrooms and the genders to which bathrooms are allocated. Although the original tweet has since been deleted, Toya replied to a comment which suggested that refusing to allow transgender women into female bathrooms was transphobic.

An angry Toya retaliated, "How can a women be transphobic for wanting to pee in a toilet with no male energy 🕯️ I respect who people think they are but not at my inconvenience the world is going mad. Females bleed , we have a womb & VAGINA can we please not share this with the male species  WHAT IS WOMAN ?"

Nevermind the grammar issues; Toya's opinion sparked a large outcry on social media as many onlookers felt as if the openly queer singer had crossed the line. Many neutrals tried to correct her by showing how her comments could be interpreted as transphobic but she was having none of it.

The attempts to correct her fell on deaf ears. After being riled up by the timeline, Toya Delazy went back on the attack when she affirmed her view point. Oh, and she definitely didn't agree with being called "transphobic!"

Sadly it looks as if the complaints are falling on deaf ears. All we know is that somebody needs to take her phone away before she does permanent damage to her career!

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